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LED Signs
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Spicewood LED Signs


Giving your business that retro neon vibe can increase your visibility and attract more customers. However, neon signs can be costly and are not exactly the most eco-friendly signage option out there. For a better alternative, opt for our Spicewood LED signs instead!

custom lighted storefront sign

Austin Signage Company is a trusted name for designing, fabricating, and installing LED signs and all other types of business signage. We can provide LED tubes shaped into any letter, number, symbol, or icon. Or, depending on your preference, we can also install LED displays or add LED lighting to a traditional sign.

Regardless of your preferred LED sign type, we will always customize it to fit your budget, branding guidelines, signage purpose, and the location you intend to install your signage. More importantly, we will ensure its durability and install it in the most secure and efficient way.

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Indoor LED Signs

LED signs are not only beneficial as outdoor tools. They are also advantageous as indoor signs when it comes to wayfinding, indoor advertising, interior design, encouraging impulse sales, or simply telling people your business is open.

backlit lobby signMade with flexible LED tubes, “OPEN” signs are among our best-selling products. These LED tubes can be further bent into any shape you want. You can use them to spell out your business name by the entrance, label order/pickup stations, highlight bathrooms or exit points, or turn them into aesthetic additions to your interior by forming captivating images, quotes, and the like.

These signs are an incredible substitute for neon signs since they are versatile, cheaper to purchase, and more affordable to maintain, considering they don’t consume as much energy as other illuminated signs. However, if LED tubes aren’t what you want, you could also use LED displays or add LED lighting to other signs, such as channel letters and cabinet signs.

Programmable LED Message Centers

Spicewood LED Signs custom lighted led pole pylon sign 300x225As the name suggests, these LED message centers can be programmed to change the information they display whenever you need to. You can easily facilitate this change with your computer and have your new products or events get promoted immediately.

The convenience it offers can save both your time and money when it comes to advertising. With these LED message centers, you don’t have to change your signage to accommodate new advertising messages constantly or when your prices and list of offerings change.

LED message centers can be installed as standalone signage or incorporated into your existing business signs, like monument and pole signs. You can also choose to have either a monocolored or full-colored display.

Full-Service Lighted Sign Company

As a full-service Spicewood, TX sign company, Austin Signage Company offers LED signs through a service that is as comprehensive as it can get. Our team comprises professional signage designers, manufacturing experts, and skilled installation experts.

lighted sign repair and installWith us, you can ensure that your LED sign will attract many new customers and, more importantly, match your brand image. Our fabrication team will make sure that all the specifications are accurately done and that your signage will last as long as possible.

Additionally, you can trust that our installation team is equipped with all the necessary tools and can skillfully install your sign without any problem. We’ll ensure that the power source of your LED signs is properly set up and that your sign will function seamlessly for a long time.

Free LED Sign Consultation

Spicewood LED Signs austin logo 1 1From day to night, LED signs offer visibility that will prove beneficial in improving your bottom line. So if you want to keep customers coming in even during nighttime or gloomy days, keep your outdoor signs bright and your indoor signs captivating.

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