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How vital are outdoor signs? Let’s say that no one will readily enter a restaurant, mall, clinic, or any establishment that does not correctly declare they offer quality services and products.

custom lighted signs

Indeed, one of the fundamental aspects of a successful business is a good set of outdoor signs that communicate messages and branding from the outside. Austin Signage Company is a top-notch signage company dedicated to helping our clients get the best Austin outdoor signs our industry offers.

We will find the best ways to create attractive and clear signs that will last a long time and leave a lasting impression on the public. We will follow your budget to the last digit, whether you need simple channel letters or more heavy-duty monument signs. But we guarantee that money won’t affect the quality and durability of the signs that we will design, create, and install for you.

If you want to boost your business through industry-grade Austin, TX outdoor signs by top experts, Austin Signage Company is your best choice.

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Storefront & Building Signs

custom outdoor building signsPoorly made signage that you put on your storefront will affect your business more than you expect. Because they make your establishment look less appealing, low-quality, or unprofessional, passersby will likely prefer looking for another business of the same industry as you–one that communicates its offers and quality well.

At Austin Signage Company, we are dedicated to helping establishments avoid this and achieve the best possible scenario where people flock to their businesses. Through Austin outdoor signs, we find the best ways to make their business visible, attractive, and durable enough to stay aesthetically pleasing despite constant exposure to harsh weather.

Here are some of the outdoor signs we typically offer our customers.

Channel Letters & Dimensional Letters

The timeless option for outdoor signs is channel and dimensional letters, a set of individually cut 3-dimensional letters, numbers, symbols, shapes, or images. They are a classic look of professionalism and simplicity but still alluring.

custom dimensional signsChannel and dimensional letters look almost the same. Their main difference is that dimensional letters are solid blocks, while channel letters have hollow insides, which can house electronic lighting for an illuminated look.

Get all sorts of customized letters from Austin Signage Company to guarantee their quality. We can install them directly on the surface of your building’s facade. But we can also use a race-way mount if you want a more temporary fix or a faster installation process.

Letter signs are typically the first consideration of many businesses. Setting up effective outdoor signage using a channel or dimensional letters is easier. From corporate offices to food businesses, virtually any establishment can use letter signs and make it big.

Lighted Signs

Businesses like restaurants or gas stations typically run until night. Many would operate 24/7. They need more than just large signs for the sake of visibility. This is why we offer lighted signs.

custom lighted storefrontProducts like message centers, backlighting, lighted cabinet signs, and digital signs are fantastic visibility tools for businesses against zero-visibility situations. We use LED technology for them, which is the gold standard for today’s illumination technology. LED fixtures are bright, energy-efficient, and not at all cost for their worth.

Neon signs have been outdated because of LED signs. We have LED tubes that look identical to those classic neon signs. The main difference is that neon signs are very costly and environmentally harmful. LED technology has made it possible to create this look without harming the environment or demanding a lot of money.

If you run a hotel, club, theater, bar, restaurant, pub, gasoline station, or convenience store, you need lighted signs to make your business vivid at night.

Custom Sign Panels

Custom sign panels are simple visual structures that are flat in shape and typically attached directly to the building’s front surface.

custom storefront sign panelBecause they are simple in structure, there are countless ways to customize them based on the client’s preferences in design and branding. You can have large-scale panels to smaller, simpler ones. For a more professional tone, you can get full-colored signs with vibrant hues or monochromatic panels. You can have them illuminated while using an acrylic panel and translucent paint. You can have them as simple as vinyl cutouts on a metal plate.

Any variation you want your panel signs to have can be made at Austin Signage Company. You don’t have to worry about having ideas that are too unique or complicated to do. Whatever creative decision you make regarding your panel signs, we can make them as durable and attractive as possible.

Virtually any establishment can use custom panel signs simply because they are simple, timeless, and adaptable. From retail stores and start-up businesses to manufacturing plants and offices, any establishment can benefit well from Austin Signage Company’s panel signs.

Canopy & Awning Signs

custom awning signCanopy and awning signs provide a specific feature as storefront signs: an extra roof extension typically made of stretched canvas that can creatively display logos, slogans, and all kinds of branded texts and images.

The main difference between canopy and awning signs is size. Awning signs are shorter. They only extend a few feet away from the building’s facade. Their shade typically covers a tiny part of the exterior and interior areas immediately beside the front glass wall. Restaurants with a few tables outdoors typically have awning signs.

On the other hand, canopy signs typically extend much farther away than awning signs, requiring separate stands for their outer corners. They have more oversized shades and are typically connected to the front door.

Because of their unique boutique-like look, canopy, and awning signs are special for establishments like flower shops, thrift stores, restaurants, cafes, jewelry stores, and chain store areas.

Monument Signs

If you’re going for charisma, boldness, and formality, monument signs are the way to go. Their build and structure make them obvious signs and notable landmarks.

custom foam monument signMonument signs are typically massive and heavy-duty structures built to project a strong image for formal establishments like schools and government institutions. They are made of the most durable materials, from stone and brick masonry, poured concrete, metal, and wood to plastic, armored foam, foam core, and aluminum.

Whatever material you choose for your monument sign, we can customize it to match the specific visual elements you’re looking for. Through various methods like etching or attaching a digital component, we can creatively put important information on the face of the monument, such as your business name, logo, business hours, tagline, founding year, and the like. We can also add impressive lighting to bump up your sign’s visibility!

Monument signs are the standard in large-scale or formal establishments, such as universities, hospitals, corporate parks, government institutions, private clubs, and resorts.

Pole Signs & Pylon Signs

Tower and pole signs are the best for the wideness or the visibility scope. They are towering sign types attached to tall foundational structures, making them easily seen from far distances.

custom digital pole signBecause of their height, they are typically situated on highways and roads. Due to this signage, drivers can see businesses like gas stations and convenience stores from afar.

Furthermore, multi-tenant areas and buildings are also the top users of pylon signs, which, due to their size, can display the business information of multiple establishments simultaneously without favoring one over another.

Illumination is also possible for these towering signs to further increase their visibility, especially during storms or nighttime when pedestrians and drivers need more than just a tall sign. Please don’t worry- we will only use the most durable units of raw materials to ensure the longevity and durability of your signs.

Gas stations, convenience stores, fast-food chains, diners, commercial buildings, malls, and supermarkets are the most common users of pylon signs and pole signs.

Complete Exterior Signage Provider

Regardless of your budget, business type, customization requirements, or schedule, Austin Signage Company is always ready to provide you with the best Austin outdoor signs that our experts can craft.

post panel outdoor sign directoryFrom the raw materials to the manufacturing equipment, our team of signage experts has all the resources to professionally design, fabricate, and install any outdoor sign you need with flawless quality and impressive durability.

We do all our work using the most cost-effective methods, allowing us to stick to the original budget without compromising the quality of the products we create.

Here are some of the Austin outdoor signs available at Austin Signage Company:

You can always call us for advice and information if you need anything from the signage industry. The list above is just a snapshot of the variety of products and services we can provide. Please tell us what you need, and our customization experts can turn your ideas into reality–no matter how unique!

Full-Service Exterior Sign Company

Austin Signage Company is a full-service sign company. This means that you won’t need one service provider for graphic design services and another for signage manufacturing services. From Austin outdoor signs to indoor signs, illuminated signs, and virtually any other sign, the products we can create for you are endless!

custom outdoor dimensional signsWe have a team of highly experienced signage professionals that can do graphic design, installation, manufacturing, and repairs and even provide expert recommendations.

Because we control the entire process of signage production, you can expect that we have complete control over the quality of your signs. Every important branding element your business has will be perfectly incorporated into all the signs we make for you. We will communicate your message as clear as day, without any sign of error or imperfection.

Finally, our professionals only work with the best raw materials that we can get from the most trusted suppliers in town. With the perfect combination of the skills of our signage experts and the quality of our resources, there is no way that we won’t impress you with how attractive, high-quality, or durable our signage products will be.

Free Outdoor Sign Consultation

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Presenting your business from the outside is highly vital to how your business will succeed. Like most things, the quality of your interactions with your customers always begins with the first impression. It pays to invest in top-quality Austin outdoor signs, especially if they are designed and manufactured by seasoned professionals.

Austin Signage Company’s outdoor signs will be made perfectly according to your goals. We will find the best solutions to grab the attention of passersby and communicate your information well. Don’t hesitate to give us a call if you are interested in working with us!

Call Austin Signage Company today at (512) 601-8213 for your Free Consultation with an Austin Outdoor Sign Specialist!